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sony dvd player DVP-NS50P into region free help!!?

So, I am looking for a way to watch region 2 dvds (mainly japanese) on my sony dvd player DVP-NS50P that I got in the US that only plays region 1. Some way to make my dvd player region free, so that Ican watch my japanese movies!
I've tried this already:
Details of the hack.

With the DVD player turned off (stand by) press:

Choose option 2 and after that option 4.
Type 12450, press enter, and type 00000.

The tray will open and close repeatedly. Unplug the power cable and afterwards turn it on again. This should do it and your Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P should be multi zone/multi region now.

But it doesn't seem to work on my dvd player! (I've tried it billions of times!!!)
Can someone please help me make my Sony DVD Player DVP-NS50P region free?

hi sakura....i dont know whether you have misinterpreted the very last instruction....but does your remote have a "power off/on" button on your remote? repeat the process one more time and instead of unplugging the power cable, press the "power" button on your remote....try that.....and the reason I suggest this is because at the start of the instructions you are asked to put the dvd player into "standby mode" when you get to the last instruction it say's......"00000 - then press enter and power pressing the power button you will infact be powering the dvd player back to ON...hence it has already being in standby mode.....just try this anyhow....what have you got to lose? only a suggestion for you to try and I hope it works for you....good luck with it sakura.

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