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Why is it okay for blacks to kill each other, but it's a mortal sin for whites to kill blacks?

Is this not a textbook double standard?

Of course, it doesn't matter that George Zimmerman is half Hispanic. Never you mind that. Let's just focus on the white half. Let's vilify this man, because he defended himself when being threatened with his life.

Can any of you honestly not see that the media severely distorts the truth? It is dangerous to just believe everything you hear on the news. Don't make that mistake.

Why is it that blacks in Chicago or Detroit kill one another at an astonishing rate, but no one cares? Why is it that people seem to only care when a "white" man kills a black youth? Ladies and gentlemen, this may not have occurred to you, but those black people killing one another are people, too.

Blacks are the chosen precious ones.

They can do no wrong, even when a teenage black thug shoots a white baby in the face while he is sleeping in his stroller. And the thug has the word "Thug" tattooed on his chest. But oh, he's black so he just "made a mistake" by shooting a baby in the face.

If a white Tea Partier shot a black baby in the face, you can bet there would be nationwide outrage.

Double standard? YOU BET.

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