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How big is the difference between 285fps and 305fps on a crossbow. ?

I am about to purchase my first crossbow. I have hunted using the TenPoint Titan HLX which is 305fps. I am also looking at the Wicked Ridge Warrior by TenPoint. I noticed that this one hot a 285fps. I wanted to see how big that decrease in fps would affect me on the hunt.
I guess what I'm really wanting to know is what difference will it make if any? And I can do math.

It will still work for you, but remember, the faster the crossbow shoots, the better it is for hunting. Crossbow bolts are heavy when compared to regular arrows. And the bottom will drop out of them pretty quick if the crossbow does not have a lot of speed.

I would go with the faster crossbow. In the world of archery, 20 fps makes a good bit of difference when it comes to the arrows trajectory.

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