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Why does my bow make a loud snapping noise when I release it?

When I release my bow, it makes a very loud snapping noise, so I cannot use it to hunt with. Why does it do this?
The noise is much louder than on my other bow. It is as if someone were to take a piece of rubber and whip it against a cement wall. It is very loud. I cannot figure out what is wrong with it.

Well what bow is it that you have be a bit more specific. Compounds and recurves are the loudest bows and there are ways to take out some of that snapping sound with attaching string silencers to the bow string. However with out seeing or hearing your bow it's difficult to judge what the trouble is you could be having issues with your pulley system on a compound bow and if you have a take down bow your limbs could be coming loose. So lets see a pic and a video of your bow in action and then we can better advise. When in doubt take it to a bow shop and have a pro give it a good look.

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