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Can A Boeing 777-300ER Tail Strike On Takeoff?

With a strike plate(?), does it make it impossible to strike on takeoff? And does a strike plate(?) need to be replaced after it has been used?

Most fixed wing aircraft, large and small, can have a tail strike on takeoff if mishandled. Tail skids are installed by manufacturers on the models judged to be particularly susceptible to tail strikes. So if you see a tail skid on an airliner it does not mean it can not have a tail strike - just the opposite - it means it is more likely to have one. The purpose of the tail skid - like a bumper on a car - is to limit structural damage when a strike occurs. Tail skid usually contains a crushable shock absorber - which needs to be replaced after a tail strike. The aircraft also needs to undergo inspection before being returned to service.

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