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should i get longbow accessories or air rifle?

I have a nice 45# bear montana longbow. I have 700 dollars AND IM GOING TO SPEND IT ON THESE THINGS NOTHING ELSE! ok so should i buy a tree stand,camo,trail camera,3D target, and more arrows? OR should i get a .22 cal RWS 34 with a nice scope and cleaning equipment and other airgun things? i hunt small game, turkey, and deer Should i just use the bow for big game and airgun for small? I really like bow hunting but airguns look really good.Wat should I do?

Get whichever you'll get the most good out of.

Should I get a .22 caliber RWS 34 with a nice scope?
If you want a good .22 caliber air rifle. I would recommend the RWS 350 Magnum(25ft-lbs). If you want the 34(15ft-lbs), I would go with the .177
.177 vs .22

If you get the RWS 34 + C-Mount + RWS 350 4x32 scope - $245

Pellets + maintenance

You'll still have around $400 left to spend on arrows. :) )

For around $272 you could go with the RWS 34($200) from Airgun Depot

And RWS One Piece Lock Down Mount($27) + Leapers 3-9x32AO($45) from


They make a good scope for the $$

.22 caliber Diana(RWS) 350 Magnum
If you're not in a big hurry. is a good place to find a deal on a lightly used .22 caliber 350


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