Side Kick

Could side kicks give you knee problems?

In Martial Arts is it true if you practised side kicks a lot with your knee snapping out it could cause knee problems? Would it be better if you practised on a punch bag? Is side kicking a wall as hard as you can a stupid drill?

The only way you will injure yourself doing a side kick is if you do it incorrectly. Most styles use the side thrust kick exclusively. Other styles have both a side thrust kick and a side snap kick. The side snap kick I find is being done incorrectly by 99% of the people I see using it. If done incorrectly, it can definitely cause damage. The damage can be sudden. But many times it is subtle and is not a problem until much later. By that time the damage is likely to be permanent. And yes kicking a wall hard is not a goo idea. As with any technique being able to use it and hit someone else is mor important than how hard you hit. The martial arts are full of people that can hit and kick hard but can;t manage to hit an opponent with their techniques.

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