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Does this sound like a legit modeling agency or a scam?

Ok my aunt sighned me up online it was like a pop up or somethibg and gave them a link to my fb so they can see my is now two weeks later and they have been blowing up my phone the past two days when I told them my parents will call back the lay said that they really want to see me for an interveiw I'm hoping it's not the same one I went to last time they wanted money right off the bat's in new brunswick jersey...what do you think? Btw if IRS a scam what are some good agencies that aren't? Thankyou.

I'm sure your aunt had kind intentions, but you know perfectly well that legitimate agencies don't use online pop-ups to troll for clients.

If you make an appointment with these people, the "interview" will probably turn out to be a hard-sell sales pitch. They'll butter you up with lots of talk about your great look and fabulous potential, then they'll try to squeeze a ton of money out of you. Maybe they'll pressure you to pay them for some photo-shoot package. Maybe they'll try to sign you up for expensive classes. One way or another, it will be all about ripping you off, not about helping your career.

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