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Recurve archery ... one of those bow stablizers? What are they called? Where can I get one?

I'm looking for a 'starter' one as I am sure there are plenty of grades. I have a Blue Ridge Hunter that I got for around $150 maybe to $225, so I am looking for a comparable stabilizer to quiet things down a bit.

A stabilizer's main purpose is really not to quiet things down. If you want quiet, go for limb savers or string silencers, or play around with your tuning. The main use of a stabilizer is actually as a torque rod. Stabilizers are torque rods, they put weight far away from the bow to increase the bow's resistance to torque from your hand. The secondary use of a stabilizer is as a, well, stabilizer. You can arrange them in such a way that it balances the bow as you like it. If you ever look at tv cameramen on the field, they usually attach some weights to their camera, to keep it from shaking too much. The same works for bows, add some weight to it in the right places and you keep the motion of the bow very smooth and controlled.

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