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Whats you favorite hunting camouflage patterns? Let me know whats your favorite and why?

I like mossy oak break up... let me know whats your favorite and why
Tahoeguy for an Idot!!!! I wanted to know just to see what people think works the best for the!

There are many different patterns and brands out there and to name a favorite is hard to do. When I first started hunting the only camo out there pretty much was military green camo. Those were the days! :)

I have two brands that I wear. The first is Advantage Timber and the other is Realtree Hardwoods. Both are close in appearance but I like the Advantage Timber better due to the simple tones used in the camo. It isn't to dark and isn't to light. When wearing it and hunting from the ground or from a tree you blend in well with the surroundings.

I have placed my jacket on the ground and compared it to the forest floor from my tree stand and it is hard to pick it out from the leaves on the ground.

I have been told, by my hunting buddy, the he couldn't see me until I waved at him. I have had deer, squirrels and turkeys come almost right up to me while wearing the Advantage Timber camo.

I just bought the Realtree Hardwoods and it is the closest thing that I can find to Advantage Timber. It seems to be getting harder and harder to find Advantage Timber. The Realtree is a little more bolder when it comes to colors but that doesn't seem to be a problem.

I don't care for Mossy Oak camo. They change patterns to much. My son likes them but is disappointed because one year he liked a particular pattern they had out. He had the money to buy the jacket but not the bibs. The next year the pattern had changed and he couldn't find his pattern anywhere so he ended up with a different pattern set of bibs.

Also, Mossy Oak is TO dark. When in the open woods (hard woods) you stick out like a sore thumb. I can spot my son from 200 yards away. It just doesn't look natural to me with all the darks in their patterns.

Now of course this is my personal experience and my personal opinion. I do not mean to offend anyone who likes Mossy Oak.

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