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Where can I buy goo quality metal cookie cutters?

Can I find them in regular places, like target or michaels arts & crafts, or do I have to go somewhere specializing in them?

A kitchen-supply store would probably be your best best, in terms of quality, especially around Christmastime. Of course, kitchen stores will also charge you way too much.

A regular store like Wal-Mart sells good-quality cookie cutters, although (again) you might have to wait until December to find ones shaped like reindeer, Santa, etc. An arts-supply store like Michael's (there's one in my neighborhood) would be a good place to look, but you'll probably have the same "seasonal" limitations.

BTW, metal is good, but I think plastic cookie cutters are better. They're usually cheaper, they're easier to clean, they can't rust, and you won't accidentally bend them out-of-shape.

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