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I'm a girl buying my first crossbow...any suggestions?

I'm looking into getting my first crossbow, and I am thinking that an Excalibur Exocet or Exomag would be a good choice. Does anyone have any advice? I hope to hear from some girls that hunt too!

go to hunting or sporting goods store that carry a good amount of crossbows some might even have a range inside that will let you
shoot before you buy one I believe bass pro shops stores will let you do this I know the one in gurnee IL does have a good supply
of different manufactures but when you go you might want to bring some cash so they know your serious about buying one
but I would recommend a regular bow first its a little more sporting my girlfriend shoots a setup from alpine archery
and she has taken a number of good deer with it . I bought a crossbow just for fun and it is a PSE COPPERHEAD I took the carbon bolts in to get cut to the appropriate length and it is very reliable and fast even without a scope anyone I let shoot it shoots
bullseyes everytime I might get rid of it at fair price if the cause is right.youcanEmail me at
but if you buy a new one I would definatly get the sims vibration kit
and pulleysystem cocking device wich reduces the effort by 50%
and also allings your string at thexact same spot every time wich
will give you more consitant shots everytime you use them

But just a thought to leave you with crossbows
are very dangerous campared to regular bows
If you have some type of circumstances were
A normal bow is not an option I glad you still
get out to the outdoors remeber wacknstackem

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