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ten-point phantom CLS vs. Parker Tornado?

I have narrowed it down to two bows. The Ten Point Phantom with accudraw or the Parker Tornado perfect storm. I was wondering what is the best quality of the two? I have shot the cyclone and its too loud for that type of bow. But still like the Excalibers but I do not know about them still. I like to keep it simple but it always gose back to the compounds. Will a Excaliber hold its own against a ten point? I love the stock on the Phantom and its trigger system. Around here they are really pushing Parker. Thank you.

Well let me start by saying they are both really nice. I don't think you can go wrong with either. With that said the Ten-Point is probably the most respected crossbow for hunting. The Phantom is slightly faster and a bit higher poundage. The Acu Draw is nice because it is stored right in the stock. You don't worry about forgetting or loosing it.
Now as for the Parker.... You will probably save quite a bit of money. They are also very respected. I recently sold one to a friend and I can tell you he is very very happy with it! He was actually looking at a Ten Point as well but not the same model you mention. At the time I actually advised him to purchase the Ten Point. He opted for the faster crossbow being the Parker. Again he has told me on many occasions how happy he is with the Parker.
I wish I could give you a more definitive answer but I think it is really coming down to cost and personal preference. I hope I have helped. If you are interested in price comparison please feel free to email me or visit my web site. or

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