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I want to buy my husband a crossbow, but I don't know where to start. Need some advice from experienced hunter?

He loves to hunt and this will be his 1st bow. I was wanting to spend around $800.00. I was looking at the Excalibur Exomax, Parker Cyclone Extreme and Ten Point GT Curve on the Bass Pro Shop website. I really don't understand all the words used. Please any advice. Lost and Confused...

The words that are used mean nothing. The words are just there to make the crossbows sound fancy to catch someones attention. The only words you do need to pay attention to is what company the bow is made from (Ten point is the most reliable brand of crossbows i have ever tried). From my personal experience, i would look at the specifications of the crossbows and find out how fast it shoots and look at reviews. So as a conclusion, try not to look at the words used to name the crossbows rather instead, look at the reviews and specifications of it. I would recommend Ten point crossbows like the one you listed. I have been crossbow hunting for about 10 years. It is very fun. Your husband will enjoy it. HOPE HE LIKES YOUR PRESENT.

P.S. How could your husband love hunting if this is his first bow? ^_^

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