Parker Bushwacker

crossbow or compound bow?

I am in the market for buying a bow and at the local sporting goods store today i found a parker bushwacker crossbow for $300 used and a mathews solo cam (few years old) for $300 i do not which model of the solo cam it is but i do know it is a 70lb draw weight with what i think is a 28 in. pull, that's no problem for me but i do not know which one i want. could you guys kind of give me some pros and cons of each? and i also know that the cross bow is only 280 fps no idea on the solo cam
yes it will be used for hunting and all ages can now use a crossbow in my state

If you intend to hunt you need to make sure the state you want to hunt in allows you to use a crossbow. Crossbows are easy to aim and shoot but need to be tuned to be as accurate as they could be. The Matthews bow is a high quality choice but you should consider a couple things. Its important to fit a bow to your archery shop can help you determine what draw length is right for you. 70 pounds is pretty hefty for a draw weight. You need to be able to draw and hold for a number of seconds to get an accurate shot. Personally I'm more comfortable with a 55 lb. draw-weight which I believe is closer to normal for most. You may also find the bow can be adjusted for a lower draw-weight if you so chose.

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