Mathews Switchback

Bow for 3-d question?

I'm 18 and a college student so I am on a budget. I am looking into getting back into 5-spot or 3-D shooting. I want something left handed in 60-70lb range with 27-28" draw. I have a PSE stinger I got several years ago and has treated me well, it is just time to upgrade. The bow is entirely to loud and not very smooth it just doesnt feel comfortable anymore. I know my way around a bow placing 2nd several times in local 5-spot. I am just now wanting to get into 3-d. I am going to shoot hunters class because I am also an avid bowhunter. I am looking at a hoyt katera, mathews switchback, mathews monster, or a PSE dream season. All are on ebay bare for around $300. Any idea which would be the best? I know I'll probably be getting a bone collecter apex sight and maybe even that stabilizer. Any other recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!
what about the hoyt trykon?

The Hoyt Katera and the Matthews Switchback would both work well for you. Stay away from the is built more for sheer speed then accuracy.

Since I feel the Katera has a little more harsh draw cycle then the Switchback, I would go with the Switchback....but either bow would serve you well...

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