Mamba Recurve

What is the best peep sight?

I picked up a damon howatt mamba recurve bow from a friend. The only thing it had was a bow string lol, no extras. I really would love to get proficient at shooting it but have no clue where to start when it comes to finding a sight for it. Also, is there an arrow rest that you can attach to the bow that would hold the arrow in slides around a lot when i draw.

Thanks in advance

The recurve is shot best using the instinctive method, no sights. It will take some time to get proficient with it, but that would be the best way to go.

There is stick-on arrow rests on the market that are designed for the traditional bows. Here is a link to some of them-

Some advice that will help you- get an experienced person or an archery shop that handles traditional bows to position the rest in the proper location, and install a nocking point on your string. You will not use a peep sight on a recurve bow.

But here is a link to tuning a recurve bow. Read it, learn a little and you will enjoy shooting the bow much more.

I also recommend feather fletching for shooting traditional bows. There will be those that say you can use plastic vanes on them, but if you want the most accuracy and the best arrow flight, always use the feathers on your traditional bows.

Good luck with your bow shooting

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