Jennings Buckmaster

Should I get this bow?

I'm looking at the mission menace, it's $175 an it new. The bow isn't messed up or anything like that. I think I'm going to get that bow but should I look at something else or go with the menace? Please leave any good recomondations!

I bought my wife a mission menace. She loves it. They are a cheaper version of Mathews. I am a life long bowhunter. I love to shoot bows all year long. I have owned different brands. I statred out shooting a Jennings buckmaster lol many years a go. I have found that you can't go wrong with anything associated with Mathews. I have two the DXT, and the Heli'm. I have owned Hoyt as well. Hoyt bows are great too. The menace I am wondering about the price. If it's 175, you will get it a lot cheaper than i did. She had never shot a bow before, but in 20 minutes i had her shooting and hitting solid at 20 yards. Yeah, I would say that the menace is a good investment

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