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Wanting to start in archery as sport (not hunting). What's a good beginner bow for an adult female?

I'm in my 30s and shoot at least once a year when I take my 3rd graders to our local 4H camp. Surprisingly, I was a pretty good shot and have looked forward to camp every year just for our time at the archery station.

I know that they use very basic Genesis bows at 4H, but am not sure if these are specifically for kids or can be used by adults as well.

My goal is to shoot for sport - sharp shooting. I'd like to hone the skill good enough to enter some local competitions (we're not talking Olympics here by any means). All advice and suggestions are welcome!

So, you'll have to check in your area, but the most common competitive classes for archery are something like:
- Olympic Recurve (Must use a recurve bow, and can have a stablizer and I think 2 of sight, peep, kisser button and ... ah, can't think of the name of it, but it is something that helps make sure you reach full draw.)
- Barebow (oddly enough this just means fingers and no sights. It is quite common to see people with compounds and hunting stabilizers.)
- Freestyle Limited (No optics and no releases, generally a compound and everything else is fine.)
- Freestyle Unlimited (Anything goes as long as you are holding the bow and pulling the string.)

If you are enjoying shooting with the girls at 4H - getting into a decent starter recurve is not expensive. For example a Martin Jaguar Take Down is a nice starter bow for under $150 new from their website, you can probably find better prices elsewhere. (Hoyt, PSE and others also make excellent recurves, I just happen to be partial to Martin.)

However, there may be more local competitions for compounds since those are more popular for hunting. Again, a good basic compound bow for target shooting isn't that expensive.


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