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Honda Mechanic thats honest in the watauga,ashe county north carolna area?

Mechanic.Honest, Reasonable in Watauga, Ashe area of NC but will travel. Our car was acting up so we took it by the auto parts store they put a tester on the car and said it was the emissions sensor. We had also got a letter in the mail about the emissons and to bring the auto in for the free warranty work. We took it to High Country
Honda in Boone. The work was done as warranty work because of pollution issue. Well, weeks later the amber lights came back on so back to auto parts we go and they said the sensor was not replaced.
When our car was being serviced the service rep said its time to replace the timing belts @620.00
I also told them about the radiator running hot both fans dont work. Also we need new brakes and
rotors. We will be borrowing thousands.We are disabled and have to borrow the money to get the repairs done so we want to make sure that we do not spend the money and still have a broken car. Thanks to all who can give us some direction in this matter.
Val in NC

There's this radio show that deals with cars. They have a web site that lists reports on mechanics. Perhaps they have a report for your area.

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