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Why do a lot of cop shows want to make the female cop physically, and emotionally weak?

We all know about Hollywood always wanting to portray the male as the primary figure and the female as a victim. Not all women are incapable cops; there are some that can run very fast enough to catch most male suspects on foot, fight very well in hand to hand close combat and subdue the enemy into submission, and handle things under fire. I'm saying individuals. What do you think?

Cause she's a woman.

Before anyone thumbs this down, I'm not agreeing that any woman or that women in general should be/are this way or anything of the sort. But they do that specifically because she's a woman, and apparently the idea is that women are supposed to be vulnerable and unstable.

My thought is that the story didn't require her to be anything else, she needed to be that way, or they just wanted to go with the most popular female character. For instance, if she were strong and tough, some scenes wouldn't make sense (ex. man comforting her when she's crying and she readily accepts it). If she were a cop in an area where people were killed, raped, robbed, etc. in broad daylight, then realistically she'd be dead very quickly if she were emotionally and physically weak. if that was the case, she'd need to be a different woman in order to be in the story, otherwise the viewers would hate it. If she were a man instead, the idea of a weak and emotional man might make viewers hate him and not like the show because, in society, that's considered to be the opposite of what a man should be.

One major reason they make them this way is because a lot of viewers, especially women, feel this way and can identify with that. I think remmycool's answer sums up the identification portion well.

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