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where can i buy cheap and good games?

im looking for both cheap and good games.

Vintage Stock has some classics, as well as some last-gen originals. The classics there only cost about $1 to $25 depending on which generation they were in and how big they were. Last-gens cost from $8 to $80, depending on how good they were and how big they were (the $50 and up are always collectors edition, some sort of special edition, or they have multiple discs in there). However, I may mention that most people that work there are punks or idiots (but, I'm not saying there aren't any good people there), and those people might try to rip you off.

Gamestop is your source for next-gen and last-gen games. They sell games from $0.50 to...perhaps $70 depending on...You get the idea. They have good workers, but if you go there more than once a month, you might notice a low-life or bugger there. They are not allowed to tweak the sales, so no rip-offs here. They can still annoy the pi...uhh, I mean pee-wattin outta you.
Wal-mart is right out. Find the same games at Gamestop cheaper.

Finally, we have our good ol' Game XChange. They cover ALMOST everything, even some good movies. They carry the rarer things: Such as N64 and SNES games still in their case, Dreamcast games, and collectors edition games. They have a bad habit of messing with the price though. If you find something a rip-off, then be a manly customer, get all buff, and pi---I mean, get them really, really, annoyed. You know, by calling the store a rip-off, insulting their mom, or saying that the store has a crappy layout. Don't expect a warm welcome next time you come back though.

Thats it. If you can't find what you are looking for at any of those stores, go to EB games or one of those local game stores that nobody knows about. Good luck with your quest, young level 4 Squire.

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