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Does anyone have any coyote hunting tips?

I live in Pennsylvania and me and my dad are thinking about doing some coyote hunting this year. They just made the use of electronic hunting calls legal in the state. Does any have any tips that might help us be productive?

i gave this answer a while back so i copied it
drive in quietly. park your vehicle where it is hidden.
if u have to pee do it way before you get there.
start just before daybreak and set up with the rising sun behind you so you don't get scope glare.
make sure the wind is in your face.
get comfortable with your back in rocks or a bush to break up your silhouette. sit for a few minutes and just watch noting every bush in the line of sight.
you are obviously in full camo including gloves and a face mask.
when you are ready click off the safety on the gun, resting it on your knee so you don't have to move at all or as little as possible.
if you need to look side to side , shift only your eyes without turning your head. if you must turn your head do it very very slowly. the coyote will be coming straight to you so you have to be very still.
coyotes have vision like a 7 X binocular and when they are coming in they have them wide open scanning for any movement.
when you start to call start softly at first so as to not scare off any that may be nearby , gradually increasing in volume after a few minutes.
remember, anywhere a coyote can hear you they can be on you in two minutes or less.
if you spot one and need to move to get the rifle pointed in the right direction do so when they are behind trees or some obstruction.
i suggest getting a small squeaker and taping it to the forend of the rifle in such a position that you can push it with your finger without making a lot of movement. the squeaker should be used when you are ready to shoot. if the dog is still moving it will stop dead and look for the noise. that is when you break trigger on him.
after the shot and he is down continue calling. many times there will be two or three coming in at the same time , especially this time of year when they are packing up and breeding.
when done of course clear the gun and walk to your prize safely.
does this help ?

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