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Is this a good enough weight for bow hunting?

I just bought a bow, an PSE X Force Vendetta XL, 55 pound draw and the draw length is set at 31". Is this enough for a pass through for a whitetail deer or should I set it at max of 60 pounds?

It will work well for you....the key to making a successful kill with a bow is accuracy.....not speed or power....A shot in the rib cage that passes through both lungs will produce a total pass through.....with a bow of much less poundage then you are shooting.

My advice is to shoot the bow at 55 lbs this winter and summer, and jack it up to 60 before next hunting season....if you feel more comfortable with the higher poundage.A draw weight that you can handle easily will produce more accuracy for you under hunting conditions then one you can barely pull back.

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