English Oak

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Why would a master ever cut the arm of his servant?

I am reading this book and this happened. The whole point is to maximize profits and a servant with one arm works worse than a servant with two arms. I mean the master is a successful businessman for God's sake!!! Why not sell the servant instead? I mean his value just went down because he has one less arm.

Why indeed, why do I ill treat my staff? because I can !! my manservant Cuthbertson, is 94 and quite frankly past his sell by date. He is slow, clumsy and slothful. Just the other evening, I rang my bell to summon him from the depth of Smythe Hall and it took him all of 7 minutes to arrive. Well I was put out I can tell you and I subsequently slapped him around the head several times. I duly dispatched him to fetch my Gin and Tonic from the other side of the table and the clumsy oaf spilt some of the Tonic, his excuse was that he was breathless from walking up 4 flights of stairs and through 16 rooms. Well let me tell you now, that sort of behaviour is totally unacceptable and as such dismissed him on the spot. I told the wretched man to clear his few miserable belongings from my house and to make himself scarce within the hour. His negligence also cost him his tied cottage where his invalid sister resides. Sentimentality does not cut any ice with me as my widowed mother found out when she pleaded his case, she joined him on the street. The whole scenario ended in tears just as i thought it would as I had to get my own second gin and tonic.

Edit. I find that hard to believe GB, word has it you are nothing short of being one of those damned philanthropist, did you or did you not give your staff 25 minutes off at Christmas ? don't deny it GB it is well known. And it is known that you are an ardent follower of that cretin Lord Chief Justice Goddard who formulated the theory that it was quite permissible to beat one wife and servants with a stick provided it was not more than 1/2" in diameter, damned commie, damned colonialist, why he was elected to the high court is anyone's guess, what is wrong with a piece of stout English oak 3' long and 2" in diameter, several blows across their scrawny shoulders sets them off I can tell you.

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