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i closed on my refinance (of my home) last month and was laid off today. Can bank cancel?

I closed with a mortgage broker. And they paid off old loan and are about to sell loan to another bank. Any jeapardy of something falling through or is it a done deal because I've already closed?
Thanks everyone. Making payments is not a problem, just worried about loan going through. Thank you all for your answers.

The transaction has closed. The bank will not cancel your mortgage at this time. The title and deed have been recorded and you have the refinance funds in your possession.

You are required to pay the monthly mortgage payment each month. Your mortgage contract you signed did not say pay only if you have a job. Your first mortgage payment should be due in about 15 days or so.

Failure on your part to make the monthly mortgage payment will cause your bank/lender to eventually foreclose on your home.

You should call you lender and explain the situation to them and see if there is a program that they can assist you in some way. You would want to talk to someone in the modification or workout department. Make sure you get by the receptionist and to the proper person in one of the departments.

I hope this has been of some use to you, good luck.


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