Compound Bowcase

Complete DiRT 3 DC Compound Guide

Most players are trying to find way to
the DC Compound in order to
complete all dc compound challenges
at DiRT 3 Battersea Compound. Then you may meet some hard challenge, such as 180 jump challenge and those drift and donut challenges. In Battersea Compound, you also need to
get all hidden packages
. Just follow the complete
DiRT 3 DC Compound guide
here to get more useful tips to finish DC Compound.

Tip 1: Complete DiRT 3 DC Compound Guide

When you failed to access the DC Compound and it just keeps telling that you have new Liveries, you can try to
pass the gymkhana lessons
at the end of season 1.

Tip 2: Complete DiRT 3 DC Compound Guide

Try following you can get useful solution to complete compound challenges.

Drift between the concrete pipes and tyres at the dirt ramp

Do a double donut around either of the big crains

Drift through the buried large pipes

Drift into or out of the power station main door

Hit the big jump from the power station to the wasteland

Drift onto or off the jetty

Land a corkscrew jump

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