Cheetah Compound

arrow problems plzz help?

i have a 27 inch draw, and i am pulling 65 - 70 pounds, and i am going to buy a martin cheetah compound bow, and for arrows i want beman ics bowhunters idk what size i should get thats the prob 340 400 or 500 now should i get a 28 inch arrow because i have a 27 inch draw? the bow has a nap 360 or a trophy taker drop away and it doesnt have any over draw shit i don't think that matters but i want to keep the arrow under 350 grains because i want the factory 320 fps and what grain feild tip should i get aswell plzz help me

You should get arrows at least 1" longer than your draw length for target shooting.
You should get arrows at least 2" longer than your draw length for hunting.
Try using 100 grain field points, you may also want to try using 2 1/2" fletching on your arrows.
See if this combination gets you your 320 or more FPS.

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