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how do I make my truck have the hotrod crackle?

I would really like for my truck to have that tough crackle sound. I have a 72 f100 with a true dual exhaust with glass packs going into 12" tips. I want that fast and the furious sound. Oh by the way its got a 302v8.
Any ideas?

Hello Friend. Im an ASE Certified Tech and a total Gearhead. When I first saw your question I just read the title and almost didnt click on it because I figured you had a late model truck. Luckily I read deeper. There are MANY things that contribute to the sound of an engine through the exhaust. For instance, the cam specs and compression are the first things that start a "sound effect" but as that sound travels through your exhaust the last thing that has a huge effect on the sound is the muffler you run. For the sound it seems you want, I would HIGHLY recommend getting rid of your glass packs. They tend to make things sound "poppy". For your application I would start with a pair of 2-chamber Flowmaster mufflers. You didnt mention if you are running headers or stock manifolds. If it were my truck, I would run a quality set of headers, (Doug's Headers are my favorite but NOT Doug Thorley. The reason is Doug got divorced and his wife took his company so he re-started and opened Doug's) with a 2 1/2" exhaust all the way back into Flowmasters. These will give you a great sound at idle and give you that signature Flowmaster "scream" when you have your foot in it. There is much more to this but this is what I would recommend as a starting point for you.

Hope this helps :)

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