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Knoxville, TN Orthodontist, Dr. Louis Browning, Helps Hundreds Of Children With Early Intervention

Knoxville, TN, 26-AUGUST-2010 - Knoxville Orthodontist, Dr. Louis Browning, DDS, is pleased to remind residents of the Knoxville area that effective and safe solutions to poor dental conformation is available through his current orthodontic techniques and tools. Recent research shows that early solutions for dental issues reduces brace wearing time during adolescence.

Dr. Browning states "every child should have an orthodontic screening by age seven." Parents are encouraged to bring children for an assessment and discussion of an orthodontic plan tailored for the specific child and any problems that are developing as the permanent teeth come in.

A choice of braces, including ceramic or traditional metal braces is available for optimum corrective benefits and reduced wearing time. The comfort of orthodontic patients is a key factor in designing a plan that is appropriate. The doctor is well aware of issues of self-esteem and appearance issues for those patients wearing braces and seeks to minimize impact on youngsters.

Dr Browning is willing to work with parents to create a payment plan. Insurance paperwork is completed by the office staff to ensure that parents get maximum help with the financial impact of orthodontia.

Learn how early intervention for orthodontic needs in children can reduce the length of time required for corrective devices by visiting the orthodontist's website found at today. Members of the press and others may contact the person below for more information about braces and similar devices.

Contact Person: Dr. Louis Browning, DDS

Address: 240 South Peters Rd. | Knoxville, TN 37923

Contact Number: (865) 690-2981

Fax Number: (865) 690-7251



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