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can someone tell me about Maoris in Australia?

Maori's are native to New Zealand. They are not Australians and would probably be quite offended if you got mistaken over their heritage. The ones that I know are very patriotic and loyal to one another.

I'm not too sure about the history, but I know that they lived in tribes hundreds/thousands of years ago, they were warriors who, similar to that of American Indians or Austraian Aborigines painted patterns over their bodies, hunted for their food and fought. They are also the KINGS of tattoos, tribal patterns over their arms feature on probably majority of Maories.
There is also the idea amongst many people that Maoris have a bit of a temper due to their history of being warriors. That it is in their blood.

I know a few Maori's who have immigrated here. My close friend Saan moved here to pursue his career as a builder. I know that pay is a lot better here than in New Zealand.

Australia (the East Coast predominantly) is a popular Holiday destination. I live in a small coastal town south of Sydney and numerous Indigenous New Zealanders venture to this area during summer. This is probably because Australia has a lot warmer summer/climate than that of New Zealand.

Maoris are very good at Rugby Union and Rugby league with their teams the All Blacks and the Warriors.

I know some big scary looking Maori's (and Islanders in general) but then they turn out to be some of the sweetest most placid people I have ever met.

Mauris are SEXY AS I swear to God. Big lips, brown eyes, tanned skin. Goddamn seriously Islanders are my weakness. But yes. That is what I know of Maori's.

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