Bear Attack

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Cold steel against a bear attack?

I am walking on a trail and mommy bear thinks I'm after her cubs when I'm not. I got a .45 ACP but I hear that that has limited effectiveness for a bear. Should I blast the bear then if it keeps coming pull out my tempered steel bowie knife instead? I work out a lot so there will be a lot of driving force behind that giant steel blade.

I know of only one person to have ever survived an attack by a bear. It wasn't pretty. I would fully empty the clip into the bear head shots, heart shots and hope for the best. I doubt you would have a chance at using the knife, better to hit it with some pepper spray to blind it.

To be prepared for bear you should wear red flannel so you can be seen easily and wear bear bells as you hike through heavy brush so you can be heard and carry pepper spray for those sudden close encounters. A way to tell if your in bear country is to look for bear sign look for bear rubbings on trees. I once saw one that was 16ft high. and also look for bear scat. It will have bells and red flannel in it and smell of pepper spray.

Good Luck!

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