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I was given a single haldol injection for a panic attack, how long will I be experiencing side effects?

I checked myself into the ER because of a severe panic attack compounded by lack of sleep and some delusional thinking. I continued having a panic attack and delusions in the ER so they gave me a single Haldol injection. I experienced ataxia, sweating, increased sex drive, etc. Does anyone know the different types of Haldol injections?

Haldol blocks your dopamine, the chemical in the brain responsible for movement and pleasure. Don't check yourself into the ER, they will just inject you with Haldol, the cheapest and nastiest antipsychotic drug. If it was an intramuscular injection, it can last for up to a month, if it was an intravenous injection, then it shouldn't last for more than 3-6 hours. I'm guessing you were given an intramuscular injection, they usually don't give you an intravenous injection, unless you're a violent psychotic person on crystal meth or with schizophrenia. Google this drug, it's nasty. Weight gain, diabetes, an irreversible movement disorder called tardive dyskinesia, are all side effects. The mental health system uses drugs like Haldol to shut people down, for the sake of society, not for the sake of the patient. They could have easily given you an intravenous injection of a benzodiazepine, you definitely didn't need to be shut down with a powerful antipsychotic drug. Well, you've learn something new for next time.

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