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Where can I get a Bow as in Bow and arrow?

I have been getting in to shooting some cardboard boxes with my little brothers Bear 1st shot and I've been wanting one myself. But I don't want a plastic or metal one, I want a traditional one. The kind that are wooden. But each bow out there is over $100.00 or a little under. I cant seem to find one. I've been wondering if I should make one myself or keep looking for advice for where to buy one. If any body knows a good website to go to for either one, please help me.

You can get a bow at a store, as in a bow store. Don't bother looking in chain stores they will no carry them. You need to find an archery pro shop or a traditional archery shop. Since you don't want to spend a lot of money you will want to get a recurve, they tend to be a little cheaper than long bows. I will tell you what I tell everyone else who wants to get into archery. research, read then read some more. Read as much as you can about tradition archery, you might not like it, you may decide you want a compound bow.

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