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How a Vehicle Tracking System Saves You Money

A modern
vehicle tracking system
does a lot more than just tell you where your fleet assets are at any one time. Originally, this is all a vehicle tracking program did – and all you wanted it to do. People stopped stealing your vans when they realised that they would be found, no matter where they went and even if they had them re-sprayed or painted. But then you found out that the people who were making the tracking systems were starting to incorporate more information and more functions into them than before. Suddenly you could tell how fast your vehicles were going – and whether they were headed in the correct direction. You could see if they were being used for unauthorised business and you could see if they were getting themselves into areas that they were not supposed to be in. You could see how long their engines idled for without any forward motion.

All of this information becomes critically important for your business: which is why a modern vehicle tracking system can help you save money. A lot of money actually – fleets that use the latest vehicle tracking programs are reporting significant changes in their bottom line as a direct result of practices implemented on the back of vehicle tracking reports.

When your tracking system has been running for a couple of months, sending all of the information listed above to a central computer system, you can start developing really impressive reports that show you how you are losing money through the normal every day behaviour of your vehicles and their drivers. The vehicle tracking system will build up a report based picture of just how long, in total and on average, your vehicles idle without travelling (which will explain why you spend so much money on fuel); how many times and for how long they are, on average, used for non company business; and how often they take an inefficient route or deviate from company approved working time directives.

Tracking a vehicle in this way can lead to some real important revelations. No one really knows how much money they lose through poor route planning until a computer report is able to show them – and the figures can, in some cases, be quite appalling. Once you get over it, though, you realise that the vehicle tracking system, by showing you how much money you are losing, is also giving you the means to develop processes that will stop it being lost. You may, for example, not even realise that your drivers are running inefficient routes. They may not realise it. Once the tracking system has shown you then you can all get together and plan new routes, routes that get your goods to their destinations quicker and for less money. And, of course, you can use the same
vehicle tracking system
that found the fault to see if the new routes are performing more efficiently.

They always used to say that what you don’t know can’t hurt you. With modern vehicle tracking, there is nothing you don’t know – which means that you suddenly see how much you are being hurt. And that’s great, because it allows you to take steps not to get hurt like that anymore. What you don’t know can’t hurt you – but what you do know can help you streamline your fleet until it beats the competition hands down.

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