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make and model of motorcycles the US Army used?

what was the make and model of the motorcycles the US Army used back in the day also who used them infantry, cav scouts, military police?

Harley Davidsons
"During WWII, the Army U.S. Army asked Harley-Davidson to design a specification of a motorcycle much like the BMWs used by German forces, with shaft drive, a boxer engine, and several other features that made the BMWs exceptionally reliable and low-maintenance machines. Harley was already producing the WLA, based on its traditional 45-degree V-twin but the army specifically wanted the one feature that the WLA didn’t have: shaft drive. So the company produced the XA, whose engine and drivetrain were based on the flathead BMW R71 (1938-1941)"

"During WW II Indian made a de-tuned Sport Scout for the Allied armies called the 640, which embodied a 750cc (45ci) power plant. (Six refers to the model and 40 to the year of manufacture, e.g. a 341 is a 1941 Chief.) Indian also made many model 741's which were 30.50ci (or 500cc). These were slow but very reliable. Many survive in Britain and New Zealand."

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