Lodge 55

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1872 masonic jewel square, compass, square. Sterling silver.?

Each piece has inscribed on it, FROM S PASCO TO PASCO No.55 FLORIDA. I have this info so far. Samuel Pasco was a civil war soldier, lawyer, senator, mason from Florida. He was made 3rd degree mason in 1872. Mt Tabor lodge No.55 was started in 1872, columbia county. Pasco county was named after him.
My question. If the inscription says (from s pasco) (to pasco) who was it given to. Lodge 55 is in columbia county. Is the any value to this other than silver content? Any other info would be appreciated. I found nothing online that would even closely resemble this.

It may have been presented by Samuel Pasco to a lodge named Pasco No. 55. Naming a lodge after a living individual was not usual but it did happen, mostly if that person was important. The lodge may no longer exist, it might have merged with another lodge or the name could have been changed.

Old Masonic jewels do have some value, both historic and monetary. You could contact the Grand Lodge of Florida.

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